EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine

Taking into account the characteristics of foam machinery industry and the specific operating environment, company’s EPS Pre-expander, EPS Shape moulding machine, EPS Block moulding machine and other products have prominent advantages of reasonable design, simply operation, high automation, low power consumption and high efficiency. Company is committed to producing high-quality EPS foam plastic machinery, importing international advanced technology and accessories, to further improve products’ stability and precision.

1. Insulated stainless steel vessel with (1.3mm laser perforated Stainless Steel steam venting plate. It reaches above 85% permeability.

2. Full automatic operation is realized by PLC with touch screen. Advanced data memory function can retrieve batching data of various type pre-expansion materials.

3. Automatic material transport feeding screw and electronic weighing device.

4. Close pre-expander vessel with balance flue double venting outlets. Precious controlling valves provide accurate pressure and temperature. Pre-expanding level is controlled by high performance inductive proximities switches.

5. High Performance pre-expander is equipped with complete stainless steel fluidizing bed to ensure stabilization of beads before transport to silos for ageing. It combines with drying compartment, sieving unit, de-lumper and material transport station.

6. Even density distribution with less than l.5% tolerance.