How to repair the foaming machine

If the fault has been eliminated, the eps automatic foaming machine, after pressing the “fault clear” button, the previously displayed fault text will disappear, and the faults that have not been eliminated will continue to be displayed until all the faults are eliminated It disappears afterwards. Remember: When the device sends out a fault alarm signal, you must not easily press the’fault clear’ button. First, you must find out the fault display problem, and analyze the cause based on the displayed information, and finally make the polyurethane send The bubble machine problem is solved.

The relationship between temperature and high pressure foaming machine

Foaming relies on heat, so the temperature is closely related to the high-pressure foaming machine. If there is no heat, the blowing agent in the system cannot evaporate, and foam cannot be formed. When the ambient temperature is high, the environment can provide heat to the reaction system, which can increase the reaction speed and shorten the reaction time. The foaming machine has sufficient foam foaming, and the 150 pearl cotton foaming machine has similar foam surface and core density. When the ambient temperature is low, part of the reaction heat is dissipated into the environment. The price of the eps foaming machine and the loss of heat will cause the foam maturation period to extend and increase the foam molding shrinkage rate.

For the same foam material, the foam volume at an ambient temperature of 15°C is 25% smaller than that at 25°C. In addition, the foaming machine will form a hard skin that is not fully foamed or even not foamed on the foam surface. Increase the foam infusion, increase the cost of foam production, and reduce enterprise benefits. Therefore, the temperature has a great influence on the efficiency of the high-pressure foaming machine, and we should pay attention to this during normal operation.

Daily maintenance and repair of foam cutting machine

Foam cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam materials. The cutting machine can cut rigid foam, soft foam, plastic into square, rectangle, strip, etc. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size, high precision and so on.

Daily maintenance and maintenance of foam cutting machine:

1. Do not place the cutting machine in direct sunlight, try to avoid the sun exposure which will cause the device to deform and crack.

2. The tabletop of the equipment should be kept as clean and tidy as possible. No adhesive paper or other items should be pasted on the tabletop, and no scribing should be done on the tabletop of the cutting machine; if there is dust on the equipment, please wipe it with a damp towel and soapy water. , Tianna water and other corrosive chemicals to wipe the equipment.

3. If the front and rear right-angle skateboards and the left and right slides are difficult to move during the use of the equipment, please clean the dust and debris in the track and use 4B-B pencil cores to paint back and forth on both sides of the sliding track and the guide rail under the sliding plate , The sliding of the cutting machine can resume smooth as new.