How To Ensure The Safe Use Of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

How to ensure the safe use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

In the production of modern, for the use of some high-end machinery more and more, like Polystyrene Cutting Machine is widely used in various types of production, so how to ensure that the use of high-end technology for this type of machinery safety, sum up the experiences of relevant knowledge here for your reference.

Pay attention to specific job machines and personnel in use

Polystyrene Cutting Machine, as we all know, has a very wide range of use, and use for this kind of high precision equipment, to ensure the safety, for one thing to do for the use of specific Settings, in particular, there are three, respectively is the using of the specific, and machine operating position at a specific, that is using Polystyrene Cutting Machine must have a specialized personnel corresponding to a specific machine to operate.

Operators must ensure proficiency

Using Polystyrene Cutting Machine for cutting production, at the time of operation must be operated by a professional skills of technical personnel, for Polystyrene Cutting Machine use aspects of the training is all have relevant skills certificate, for non-professional operators must not operate at random, is not only to prevent damages to the machine, but also avoid the potential danger because of improper operation.

Remove outside interference before cutting

We say, for related Polystyrene Cutting Machine operator, should not only to the operation of the machine has a very good sex skilled, before using it to cut at the same time, the first thing to do is remove all the outside the machine can produce the effects of the use, will produce the effects of the removal of the operator at the same time, must be in a state of concentration to ensure safe operation.

Only a comprehensive understanding of the relevant security aspects can ensure that we are more secure in the use of Polystyrene Cutting Machines and make it better for our production.

In today’s technology and productivity, perfect combination of science and technology, more and more high-end production machinery in use of the traditional production efficiency has been unprecedented, as the widespread use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine for the modern production has played an important role, but it is a good machine is in use at the same time also to undertake maintenance, here to talk about daily maintenance knowledge of Polystyrene Cutting Machine.

Daily maintenance and maintenance

In our daily use after cutting Polystyrene Cutting Machine, the first thing to do is power, prevent to produce the machine and personnel injuries, in addition to power at the same time also gave up the ghost, and clean air from the duct tape machine all ruled out, and then to the guide to conduct a comprehensive and clear, remove the dirt in the process of using above, to ensure the cleaning of the machine.

Weekly maintenance and maintenance

Upon completion of a day of Polystyrene Cutting Machine maintenance, on the basis of a week in the use of machines and more comprehensive service to ensure the normal use of the machine, so when to clean the machine tool guide rail, in addition to ensure the cleanliness, in weekly check the usage of the lubricating oil, usually every week to add lubricating oil and check the probe, cutting nozzle, etc.

Monthly maintenance and maintenance

The machine used for a month’s time, in addition to want to do some routine maintenance, also need to overall comprehensive inspection of the machine, first check the working state of the machine valve and pressure gauge, and strengthen the gas pipe then, the next check machine gear usage and accordingly according to the specific situation of adjustment and maintenance.

In the use of polystyrene cutter bring our production efficiency at the same time, need more professional personnel on a regular basis to maintain the machine timely maintenance, to ensure that the machine for longer service life.

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