EPS Block Molding Machine Parts To Be Cleaned Daily

EPS Block Molding Machine is used in the daily use, the cleaning of some key components is not in place, coupled with poor processing environment of the plant, easy to cause poor cutting, cutting quality is not good, Polystyrene Block Molding Machine is now widely used in the production of machinery Equipment, because Polystyrene Block Molding Machine work environment is generally poor, poor environment, metal dust is relatively large, if the use of the process without attention to conservation, then the normal operation of the equipment will have a great impact, it must The machine to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of serious even burned parts, our company based on years of experience, summed up the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine three must clean part.
1, torch and wearing parts
Any stolen goods in the torch and wearing parts will seriously affect the function of the plasma system. When replacing the wearing parts, place it on a clean flannel and always check the connecting thread of the torch and clean the electrode contact surface and the nozzle with hydrogen peroxide.
2, nozzle
When you use air or oxygen to do plasma gas, the oxide will be deposited in the nozzle, this oxide will affect the cutting air flow, reducing the life of wearing parts. Wipe the inside of the nozzle with a clean flannel to remove the oxide.
3, protective cover
The slag on the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine should always be removed, otherwise the slag will cause a destructive “heavy plasma arc.” Often maintenance and care: after a daily use, And the rails of dirt, get off work off the gas source and power supply, machine tool tube with the gas in time should also be empty; pay attention to observe the machine horizontal, longitudinal rails and rack surface with or without lubricating oil, so that good lubrication; Do not turn off the power for a long time to prevent non-professional operation.
Domestic use of plasma cutting the most important application material is stainless steel, the use of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine to achieve the cutting of stainless steel materials can not only effectively reduce the waste of materials to improve cutting speed and efficiency, while the quality of stainless steel processing is also better To ensure that, in the CNC machining enterprises, most of the enterprises are cutting and welding as one of the processing enterprises, and as a stainless steel cutting Polystyrene Block Molding Machine equipment, in the use of the process, need to pay attention to some of the details include the following:
1. Chrome 13 stainless steel after hardening of the larger, prone to crack. If the use of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine for different types of chromium stainless steel electrode (G202, G207) welding, must be more than 300 ℃ preheating and 700 ℃ after the slow cooling treatment. If the weldment can not be post-weld heat treatment, you should use chrome-nickel stainless steel electrode (A107, A207).
2. Chrome stainless steel has a certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat and wear resistance. Usually used for power plants, chemical, oil and other equipment materials. Chromium stainless steel weldability is poor, the use of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine processing should pay attention to welding process, heat treatment conditions and the selection of suitable welding electrodes.
3. Chrome nickel stainless steel electrode has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil, medical machinery manufacturing.
4. The use of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine to complete the chrome-nickel stainless steel welding, by repeated heating precipitation of carbides, reducing corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
5. Chrome 17 stainless steel, in order to improve the corrosion resistance and weldability and the appropriate increase in the amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., better than the quality of chromium 13 stainless steel better. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine This type of chromium stainless steel electrode (G302, G307) should be preheated above 200 ℃ and about 800 ℃ after tempering treatment. If the weldment can not be heat treated, you should use chrome nickel stainless steel electrode (A107, A207).
6. Chrome-nickel stainless steel powder has titanium and low hydrogen type. Titanium calcium type can be used for AC and DC, but the depth of soldering when welding deep, and easy to red, so use Polystyrene Block Molding Machine as far as possible with DC power supply. Diameter 4.0 and below can be used for all-position welding, 5.0 and above for flat welding and flat welding.
7. To prevent the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine due to heating and produce eye corrosion, welding current should not be too much, less than about 20% of carbon steel electrode, the arc should not be too long, cold between the layers, narrow bead is appropriate.
8. The electrode should be kept dry when used, titanium calcium type should be dried at 150 ℃ for 1 hour, low hydrogen type should be 200-250 ℃ drying 1 hour (can not be repeated drying, or easy to peel the skin peel), to prevent the electrode Skin and other dirt, so as not to cause the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine weld to increase the carbon content and affect the quality of weldments.


How To Ensure The Safe Use Of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

How to ensure the safe use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

In the production of modern, for the use of some high-end machinery more and more, like Polystyrene Cutting Machine is widely used in various types of production, so how to ensure that the use of high-end technology for this type of machinery safety, sum up the experiences of relevant knowledge here for your reference.

Pay attention to specific job machines and personnel in use

Polystyrene Cutting Machine, as we all know, has a very wide range of use, and use for this kind of high precision equipment, to ensure the safety, for one thing to do for the use of specific Settings, in particular, there are three, respectively is the using of the specific, and machine operating position at a specific, that is using Polystyrene Cutting Machine must have a specialized personnel corresponding to a specific machine to operate.

Operators must ensure proficiency

Using Polystyrene Cutting Machine for cutting production, at the time of operation must be operated by a professional skills of technical personnel, for Polystyrene Cutting Machine use aspects of the training is all have relevant skills certificate, for non-professional operators must not operate at random, is not only to prevent damages to the machine, but also avoid the potential danger because of improper operation.

Remove outside interference before cutting

We say, for related Polystyrene Cutting Machine operator, should not only to the operation of the machine has a very good sex skilled, before using it to cut at the same time, the first thing to do is remove all the outside the machine can produce the effects of the use, will produce the effects of the removal of the operator at the same time, must be in a state of concentration to ensure safe operation.

Only a comprehensive understanding of the relevant security aspects can ensure that we are more secure in the use of Polystyrene Cutting Machines and make it better for our production.

In today’s technology and productivity, perfect combination of science and technology, more and more high-end production machinery in use of the traditional production efficiency has been unprecedented, as the widespread use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine for the modern production has played an important role, but it is a good machine is in use at the same time also to undertake maintenance, here to talk about daily maintenance knowledge of Polystyrene Cutting Machine.

Daily maintenance and maintenance

In our daily use after cutting Polystyrene Cutting Machine, the first thing to do is power, prevent to produce the machine and personnel injuries, in addition to power at the same time also gave up the ghost, and clean air from the duct tape machine all ruled out, and then to the guide to conduct a comprehensive and clear, remove the dirt in the process of using above, to ensure the cleaning of the machine.

Weekly maintenance and maintenance

Upon completion of a day of Polystyrene Cutting Machine maintenance, on the basis of a week in the use of machines and more comprehensive service to ensure the normal use of the machine, so when to clean the machine tool guide rail, in addition to ensure the cleanliness, in weekly check the usage of the lubricating oil, usually every week to add lubricating oil and check the probe, cutting nozzle, etc.

Monthly maintenance and maintenance

The machine used for a month’s time, in addition to want to do some routine maintenance, also need to overall comprehensive inspection of the machine, first check the working state of the machine valve and pressure gauge, and strengthen the gas pipe then, the next check machine gear usage and accordingly according to the specific situation of adjustment and maintenance.

In the use of polystyrene cutter bring our production efficiency at the same time, need more professional personnel on a regular basis to maintain the machine timely maintenance, to ensure that the machine for longer service life.

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Polystyrene Forming

Amorphous materials, moisture is small, not be fully dry, is not easy to decompose, but large coefficient of thermal expansion, easy to produce internal stress. Good fluidity, available screw or piston type injection molding. Suitable for high temperature, Gao Mowen, low injection pressure, within the extended time helps to reduce stress and prevent shrinkage and deformation … Available forms of gate, Gate connected to the arc for plastic parts, so as not to damage plastic parts of the gate. Stripping slope, and out of uniform. Plastic parts uniform wall thickness, preferably without inserts, such as insert should be preheated.

1. water absorption very small, not before drying. Mold temperature 30-60 degrees, the temperature of 140-200 degrees.

2. the brittle crack, thermal expansion coefficient, is easy to produce internal stress.

3. better mobility, should pay attention to the die clearance to prevent shrinkage and Flash.

4. suitable for high temperature, Gao Mowen, low injection pressure, within the extended time to reduce stress to prevent shrinkage and deformation, temperature is too high, vulnerable to silver, or release agent a much lower temperature then the poor transparency.

5. can take a variety of forms of gate, stripping slope should be large, ejection force evenly to prevent cracking.

6. plastic parts uniform wall thickness, preferably without inserts, the surface should be circular connection, not chipped, sharp corners.

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Maintenance method and attention of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine

Professional edge polystyrene block molding machine equipment manufacturers, the production process has a very strict rules.

1, the edge of the use of polystyrene block molding machine in strict accordance with the drawings and process. Processing, need to change, must be approved by the technical department to change.

2, the edge of the polystyrene block molding machine production is not allowed to repair welding, lathe workers must be over the hole welding of the forging removed, not processing. Other parts of the car can not afford to find the cracks, folding, slag and so on defects and black, cross-technical department to do the identification, not privately down the process flow, not welding.

3, the edge of the polystyrene block molding machine semi-finished products, finished in the process of circulation and handling between the tools, must be pad rubber pad, to prevent the product because of the collision and scratch.

4, through the edge of the polystyrene block molding machine production strict rules can be seen, not only the performance of the equipment has a very good requirements, the operator also has a very strict requirements, so the flange machining must be in accordance with the specific The operation steps to carry out processing.

The use of cold-formed polystyrene block molding machines in the metalworking industry is very widely used, mainly for metal forming, for the use of cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine for the metal forming and equipment manufacturing industry has brought a very favorable help The The use of cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine is inseparable from the maintenance and maintenance, the following cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine manufacturer for you to briefly introduce the use of cold bending polystyrene block molding machine and maintenance methods.

1, require each operator to strictly follow the cold bending polystyrene block molding machine operating procedures.

2, each time before starting the lubrication chart in accordance with the requirements of regular, fixed, quantitative plus lubricating oil or grease, the use of lubricating oil or grease must be kept clean without precipitation.

3, cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine surface must be kept clean, regular anti-rust work.

4, regularly check the cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine V-belt, handle, knob, the key is damaged, serious wear and tear should be replaced.

5, regular inspection and repair of cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine switch, insurance, handle, to ensure its reliable work.

6, is strictly prohibited non-designated professionals to operate the device, usually have to do people off the plane stop.

More than 6 things cold bending polystyrene block molding machine manufacturer for everyone to introduce a brief description of the use of cold-formed polystyrene block molding machine and maintenance methods.

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How to repair the foaming machine

If the fault has been eliminated, the eps automatic foaming machine, after pressing the “fault clear” button, the previously displayed fault text will disappear, and the faults that have not been eliminated will continue to be displayed until all the faults are eliminated It disappears afterwards. Remember: When the device sends out a fault alarm signal, you must not easily press the’fault clear’ button. First, you must find out the fault display problem, and analyze the cause based on the displayed information, and finally make the polyurethane send The bubble machine problem is solved.

The relationship between temperature and high pressure foaming machine

Foaming relies on heat, so the temperature is closely related to the high-pressure foaming machine. If there is no heat, the blowing agent in the system cannot evaporate, and foam cannot be formed. When the ambient temperature is high, the environment can provide heat to the reaction system, which can increase the reaction speed and shorten the reaction time. The foaming machine has sufficient foam foaming, and the 150 pearl cotton foaming machine has similar foam surface and core density. When the ambient temperature is low, part of the reaction heat is dissipated into the environment. The price of the eps foaming machine and the loss of heat will cause the foam maturation period to extend and increase the foam molding shrinkage rate.

For the same foam material, the foam volume at an ambient temperature of 15°C is 25% smaller than that at 25°C. In addition, the foaming machine will form a hard skin that is not fully foamed or even not foamed on the foam surface. Increase the foam infusion, increase the cost of foam production, and reduce enterprise benefits. Therefore, the temperature has a great influence on the efficiency of the high-pressure foaming machine, and we should pay attention to this during normal operation.

Daily maintenance and repair of foam cutting machine

Foam cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam materials. The cutting machine can cut rigid foam, soft foam, plastic into square, rectangle, strip, etc. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size, high precision and so on.

Daily maintenance and maintenance of foam cutting machine:

1. Do not place the cutting machine in direct sunlight, try to avoid the sun exposure which will cause the device to deform and crack.

2. The tabletop of the equipment should be kept as clean and tidy as possible. No adhesive paper or other items should be pasted on the tabletop, and no scribing should be done on the tabletop of the cutting machine; if there is dust on the equipment, please wipe it with a damp towel and soapy water. , Tianna water and other corrosive chemicals to wipe the equipment.

3. If the front and rear right-angle skateboards and the left and right slides are difficult to move during the use of the equipment, please clean the dust and debris in the track and use 4B-B pencil cores to paint back and forth on both sides of the sliding track and the guide rail under the sliding plate , The sliding of the cutting machine can resume smooth as new.

How should the foam molding machine be maintained daily

Because many common processing volumes are relatively large, the frequency of use of the foam molding machine is also very high. If you want to buy the right equipment, you must also make relevant comparisons. But if you want to extend the life of the equipment and ensure that our daily work is not affected, we should still pay attention to daily maintenance work. Although this type of equipment is now a smart product, and generally has a long after-sales service, but the corresponding maintenance work is the best to ensure the practicality of the equipment.

First of all, users must go through corresponding training.

When we choose the foam molding machine, we choose them carefully, then before using, we must still do a basic training. The equipment has corresponding instructions. Only in this way can we really use the equipment. There will be no problems. All staff also need to be trained to work, and only by operating the equipment correctly, it is not prone to failure. And everyone should also pay attention to the fact that the failure caused by human error has a greater impact and may not be within the scope of after-sales service. Everyone should also do daily operations to avoid affecting our later use.

Second, conduct regular internal inspections.

Although the foam molding machine brand will provide us with after-sales service, the daily monitoring work still needs everyone to complete. It is recommended that the relevant work of each manufacturer should be handed over to professionals to carry out an internal simple inspection at regular intervals. If there are problems such as parts wear, it is also necessary to replace them in time, so as to avoid the problem, the same Can make our equipment use longer.

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Fully automatic foam molding machine is more popular in the market

Although the foam molding machine we used in the past is also very practical, it needs to be manually operated in many steps, and the overall processing time is slightly longer. However, from the perspective of modern technology and work efficiency, it is true that some cost-effective fully automatic equipment is more welcomed and recognized by the market. Many businesses have begun to switch to such a molding machine to ensure their follow-up. Use better. The popularity of such a device is also inevitable.

First, the equipment is easy to operate and ensure the parameters are correct.

Now the workers who operate the foam molding machine need to hold a certificate to work, so as to ensure that there are no problems and that they are operated in accordance with the corresponding requirements of the country. We should pay special attention to production safety. And the operation of the fully automatic equipment should be simpler. It can be said that as long as the workers who can perform the foam molding process know how to operate, the effect of the operation process can also be guaranteed. The most important thing is to ensure that the parameters are correct, and we don’t need to worry about the subsequent processing.

Second, the safety factor is higher and the equipment stability is stronger.

The manufacturers of foam molding machines have also comprehensively improved the equipment. It can be said that many equipments have corresponding inspections and can complete the corresponding operations according to our requirements. It can be said that the stability of the equipment is still very strong. Yes, there is no need to worry about using it. Such a device is stable and easy to operate, and it can ensure the follow-up self-test function. Once there is any problem, it can be completed in a short time without worrying about possible impact.


How is EPS Manufactured?

Expanded Polystyrene foam is manufactured from the by-products, or left overs, from the oil refining process.  These blocks are then cut into smaller usable sizes that vary with the application. The description below explains how the manufactures the EPS foam pieces and sheets you are familiar.

We buys raw material in the form of resin or beads of styrene. Each bead has a microscopic dot of Pentane formed into its center. This material is furnished in air tight bags. These bags keep the beads “fresh” by assuring that the Pentane within each bead can not escape into the atmosphere and render the material.

These beads of Styrene are about the size of a grain of salt and have a similar consistency. It is crucial that the beads are stored in a tightly controlled environment where the amount of Pentane within their plastic shell remains consistent. Each step of EPS production requires strict adherence very tightly controlled quality standards.

These beads of resin are loaded into a machine called a “pre-expander”. It does exactly what the name implies. Steam is injected into the beads at 212 degrees F. The heat accomplishes two things. The wall of each bead is softened and becomes flexible and the increased temperature also causes the Pentane to expand within the softened beads. The beads puff up like popcorn to 30 times their original size.

The next step is the molding process. It is at this point that the individual expanded beads are molded into a single, homogeneous block. This is the most crucial stage in the production process and it is essential that very strict quality control standards are adhered.

Once again, steam is used to deliver heat to the process. A precisely measured quantity of beads is blown into a steel mold. Steam is then injected into the pre-expanded beads to heat the mix to 212 degrees F. This heat causes the wall of each bead to soften and the remaining pentane within each bead expands. This expansion causes the beads to increase in size within the steel mold. This expansion increases the pressure and the beads are forced together to form a single block. The soft bead walls actually allow the beads to melt together into a single solid block. At this point the mold opens like a clam shell and the block of EPS foam is removed.

After the block has been removed from the mold it is carefully weighed and marked so it can be traced throughout the production process. Adherence to the proper weight assures that the correct “density” or “weight per cubic foot” is maintained. A needle is injected into the center of the block and pressurized air is applied. The degree to which the block restricts the flow of compressed air is an indication of the proper amount of fusion between the individual beads within the block.

Immediately after coming out of the mold, the surface of each block is perforated with thousands of tiny holes. The purpose of this step is to help moisture to escape the freshly molded block. The molding process leaves a smooth skin on the outside of each block and the perforator allows the moisture, a result of the steam, to more easily escape from the block.

Once the blocks have been molded, perforated, weighed, and tested for proper fusion, they are moved to the “drying room”. Within this room the temperature is maintained at approximately 140 degrees F. There are large blowers that circulate the air within this room. These steps are designed to remove as much of the moisture from the block as possible. The increased temperature also helps to reduce any internal stresses that may exist within the block as a result of the molding process.

If flat sheets are desired, a series of wires are connected to a “slicer” with the proper horizontal spacing to give the exact dimensions needed. The wires are heated with electric current and melt through the foam leaving a smooth, consistent, surface. If irregular shaped parts are required, a computerized contour cutter is used to duplicate whatever shape has been programmed into the machine’s software. A variety of cutting techniques is used to achieve the varied demands of our customers.


The Meaning And Working Principle Of The Molding Machine

The molding machine, also known as the box opener, means automatic folding, forming, and folding of the bottom folds. At present, the next part of the tape is pasted, and the cardboard board is opened. The bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure and is sealed with adhesive tape to send to the special equipment of the packing machine. Automatic carton forming machine and automatic opening machine are the assembly line equipment of large batch carton automatic opening, automatic folding under cover and automatic sealing bottom tape. All the machines are controlled by PLC+ display screen. It is very convenient to operate. It is an essential equipment for automatic production of scale.

The working principle of the molding machine is similar to the injector used for the injection. It is the process of the injection of the plastic (or viscous flow) plastic into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or the plunger). Injection molding is a cyclic process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding – melting plasticization – pressure injection – cooling – mold opening and taking parts. Remove the plastic parts and then close the mold for the next cycle.